The management of all hosting-related aspects is conducted via a tool named ‘Control Panel’. There are various brands that provide more or less functions, but generally speaking, they all permit you to administrate website files, to set up email addresses and databases, to view account usage stats or how much traffic Internet site visitors have generated. You could perform these actions via buttons and menus, and you shall feel like you’re managing your own computer. The billing part is usually handled through a different system, which could include domain name registrations as well - if the company provides this sort of services. In some cases, trouble tickets could be opened viathe same system, while in others, this may be executed through a different support interface, so you could find yourself using 3 user interfaces with a single website hosting account.

Multilingual Control Panel in Website Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with our Linux website hosting packages, isn't third-party software. It was built by our expert developers based on user feedback and the result is an all-in-one software tool, that will enable you to handle files and e-mails, to renew payments, to register domain addresses and to open trouble tickets from one spot, so you can just forget about going through different systems to do something as basic as obtaining a new domain name and hosting it. We have also created comprehensive video lessons, which will teach you first-hand how to carry out various things when you have never used an Internet hosting account before. A number of functions are accessible through right-click menus and since Hepsia is extremely intuitive to use, administrating your account shall be as easy as administrating content on your desktop computer. A lot of templates are available and you can pick a preferred language choosing among Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian and more. Also, you can also move the different sections around and set them up depending on your taste.

Multilingual Control Panel in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are administered through the custom-made Hepsia CP, that offers all that you need to handle your online presence from one place. We have created Hepsia after very carefully reviewing the feedback we have received through the years and for that reason, we have made it simple enough to be used by individuals with no experience, but at the same time, it gives you quite a lot of advanced features for more tech-savvy users. Right-click context menus and drag-and-drop upload options are several of its positive aspects, but you can do a lot more. Domain name registrations, plan renewals and trouble tickets are also managed through it, so you will not need to log in and out of different systems. Hepsia is translated in many languages, so if you are not an English speaker, it will require several clicks to switch to German, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, French, Russian or any of the other languages which are available. You could also move the sections around or modify the color scheme depending on your taste.