If you get a hosting machine of your own, it will operate independently, so it will have its own Os and you could later install server side apps directly or script-driven internet sites via a hosting Cp. Although keeping the Operating System updated isn't always considered fundamental, it can be a really important task for a number of reasons. A newer Operating system version may have better support for specific hardware, so you could get better performance for the internet sites and web apps which you install. Your server shall also be more safe as updates often include security patches that take care of small issues that may permit unauthorized people to access your content. Last, but not least, newer script versions, which are also released for both boosted security and for additional features, may require a later version of the Operating System in order to work properly and with their full capabilities.

Weekly OS Update in VPS

If you use one of our Virtual Private Servers, you can take advantage of our Managed Services pack, which features a variety of administration tasks which our administrators can perform on your server. Among them you will find the Os update service, so in case you add the pack to your virtual private server plan, we'll keep your Operating system up-to-date all the time. This is valid for all 3 Os's we offer you - CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. With this service, you will not have to be worried about server-side security issues and you can use it if you do not have a lot of experience with maintaining a Linux machine or if you simply do not have time to deal with such matters. After every update our administrators will make certain that all sites and offline apps you have on the hosting server are functioning properly.

Weekly OS Update in Dedicated Hosting

If you don't have enough time to update the Operating System of your dedicated server or you are not incredibly experienced and you simply do not possess the skills to do that, you could take full advantage of our OS update service, which comes with the Managed Services upgrade. The latter could be added to your account at any time and our system administrators will update the Operating System that you have chosen during the signup - Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS, with all officially released patches. They shall also carefully check if the software on your hosting server is functioning the way it isdesigned to after the update so as to avoid any problems in the future. You'll have a secure hosting server at all times since the updates are performed weekly.