The Hosting Reload Control Panel has been designed to bring in innovation to the normal website managing user interface. The previous Control Panel front runner – cPanel, was created back in the year 2000 and hasn’t ever been through an essential update ever since. The Hosting Reload Control Panel is based on the concepts of today, delivering convenience and user friendliness to all web–site administration operations you can think about.

Scroll down and examine the two site management tools, find out more about their advantages and disadvantages and see which one can match your demands the most.

1. Domain name/invoicing/site controls

Using the Hosting Reload Control Panel you will be able to manage all of your sites, domains and e–mail addresses within the same location. You do not have to make use of any additional invoicing or domain name interfaces.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you will need to log in 2 different Control Panels – a billing panel from which you deal with domain names and invoicing and the cPanel Control Panel from where you command your sites.

2. File Hierarchy

With the Hosting Reload Control Panel, all the sites and subdomains are going to be free from each other. Each site will have its very own directory segregated from the rest inside the main directory of your web hosting account. You can quickly change from working on one web site to maintaining another.

If you try to manage multiple sites from one cPanel web hosting account, it might be very difficult. You have one principal web site and all of the other sites and subdomains are going to be incorporated into its folder as subfolders. If you want to avail of a different directory for each individual web site, you will have to use different Control Panels for each of them.

3. File Manager

Using the File Manager of the Hosting Reload Control Panel, you’ll get 100% control of the files of your websites. You will be able to speedily upload new files with a drag & drop feature, efficiently change multiple files simultaneously with the multi–selection feature, extract archives with a mouse click, edit files with the built–in generic and WYSWYG editors and many more.

The cPanel’s File Manager gives you limited control of your files and folders. You’ll have trouble adding many different files simultaneously and won’t have the capacity to drag and drop files since this operation is simply not supported. An archive/unarchive functionality is not offered either. File editing tools are also limited.

4. Absolutely free Extras

With the Hosting Reload Control Panel, you you will find a great number of freely available benefits created by our company. They’re included without charge with each website hosting package, which works with the Control Panel. With each package, you can employ instruments like the Site Installer, the 1 Click App Installer, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Complimentary Website Building Instrument, a set of Advanced Applications, and a lot more.

Each individual web hosting company supplying cPanel decides on their own what cost–free benefits to to incorporate into your hosting deal. And since cPanel is a licensed Control Panel, the complimentary bonus features also need to be covered by the web hosting provider. This will certainly affect the cost of your hosting plan, so the no–charge bonuses listed in your plan will in fact be paid for.

5. Control Panel Performance Rates

The Hosting Reload Control Panel runs using our very own Linux website hosting packages. It has been optimized to perform on our set of hardware parts and also to operate with our selection of software tools. This will make it operate a lot quicker when compared to virtually any Control Panel solution available. And it is safer in terms of performance too.

The cPanel Control Panel is configured on thousands of servers, operating on a wide range of software and hardware configurations. However, its universal distribution ends in considerably sluggish and much less risk–free operation compared to similar Control Panel solutions that are designed for 1 platform solely.

6. Multi–domain Management

The Hosting Reload Control Panel allows you to quickly handle many web sites as well as their domains from a single location. Each individual website will have its own separate folder in the root directory of your web hosting account and will also be 100% independent from the rest. That way, you need employ only one hosting account to control as many domains and web sites as you want.

With cPanel, it is extremely hard to handle your domains and your web sites from just one place, as the two user interfaces are separated. You will need to sign into 2 distinct web addresses every time you want to manage your domain features and site file contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Navigation

When using the Hosting Reload Control Panel, you are able to instantly browse from one section to a new one making use of our useful top navigation menu. It provides links to every section of the Control Panel in addition to a brief explanation of what exactly you can do there. In this way, even if you do not know what the name of the area indicates, you’ll be able to quickly get acquainted with its features.

Inside the cPanel Control Panel, the main page is the sole place that has links to the various sections. If you follow a menu and wish to immediately switch to another, you will have to return to the homepage and browse further from there. This kind of navigation will slow down your work when you need to instantly perform several operations at the same time.

8. Demo Accounts

The Hosting Reload Control Panel contains a full–featured demo account. All sections are around for you and you’ll be able to work with them to make brand new mail accounts and databases, manage your files, and so forth. If you appreciate how things stand, iyou’re able to sign up right from our demo interface.

The cPanel Control Panel demo version is basically a screen–shot of what is inside the primary menu. Nearly every functionality that’s displayed there is not available. Thus, when you enroll, you will have no idea how the included tools and features of the Control Panel in fact work.

With the Hosting Reload Control Panel, taking care of your web sites will be straightforward and enjoyable. Simply take a peek at Hosting Reload’s Web Hosting Control Panel demo and discover the available resources and capabilities to find out by yourself.

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